Roadmap and Future Development: A Path to Prosperity

Byte XC is committed to a clear and transparent roadmap, outlining our strategic milestones and future development plans. This roadmap serves as a beacon, guiding our journey toward a more inclusive and interconnected financial landscape.


Every step we take on this journey

Track the progress of our campaign and the milestones achieved along the way towards building a brighter future.

Launch of Byte Exchange

Q4 2021 Release of Byte Exchange v1, marking the official entry into the market. Battle-tested by thousands of users for 3 years, with several new features added.

Q4 2021
Q2 2022

Mobile Apps & Staking Platform

Q2 2022 Launch of Byte Exchange mobile apps.Introduction of token staking platform.

Launch of Bytepad

Q3 2022 Introduction of Bytepad, a launchpad platform for early-stage projects, providing opportunities for investment and growth within the Byte XC ecosystem.

Q3 2022
Q1 2023

New Vision

 Q1 2023 Exploration of underserved markets, identifying limited banking as an opportunity for crypto adoption. Vision set to expand services to underserved regions, starting from Turkic and Balkanian countries.

Launch of Byte Exchange V2

Q3 2023 Byte Exchange will unveil version 2, introducing a host of enhancements such as integrated P2P exchange functionality, a revamped user interface, seamless multichain transfers, and upgraded mobile applications.

Q3 2023
Q4 2023

Additional Services

Q4 2023 Introducing additional services including the ability to convert crypto to Visa, Mastercard, and over 2500 gift cards, along with the launch of Earn products and an OTC program.

Launch of XChain

In Q1 2024, we are excited to announce the launch of the XChain Testnet, featuring a 2-second block time and compatibility with both EVM and Cosmos.

Q1 2024
Q1-Q3 2024

Fund Raising

Q1-Q3 2024 Byte XC plans to conduct fundraising rounds between Q1 and Q3 in 2024, offering various options such as seed sales, public rounds, and node sales.

Launch of Byteswap & XBridge

Q2 2024 Byte XC will launch Byteswap, a multichain swap platform, and XBridge, a bridging solution facilitating interoperability between other blockchains and XChain.

Q2 2024
Q3 2024

BYTE XC Airdrop

Q3 2024 Byte XC intends to initiate an airdrop program for three months, rewarding users who test Byte XC products, stake specific tokens, bridge assets, and deposit TVLs on Byte Exchange and XChain.

Launch of Byte MX

Q3 2024 Byte XC will launch Byte Magic Exchange (MX), a perpetual DEX platform offering up to 100x margin and spot trades.

Q3 2024
Late Q3 2024


Late Q3 2024 Byte XCoin (BEXC) Token Generation Event (TGE) takes place, and BEXC will be listed on exchanges and selected DEXs for a smooth trading experience.

Launch of Byte Exchange TS

Q4 2024 Byte XC will launch a regional exchange encompassing Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Russia (will be enabled post-sanctions).

Q4 2024
Q1 2025

Launch of Remitance Corridors

Q1 2025 Byte XC will launch remittance corridors connecting the USA, Canada, the EU, the Turkic States, and Turkey. These corridors will be enabled by appropriate licenses obtained by Byte XC and  through partnerships.


2025-2027 Byte XC aims to expand its reach to at least 25 countries by offering local exchanges, remittance services, and alternative financial solutions. We aspire to forge new partnerships globally with blockchain and crypto companies, financial service providers, and liquidity providers, while also strengthening existing collaborations. These strategic alliances will drive ecosystem growth and innovation, allowing us to make a positive impact on underserved communities worldwide. Through our efforts, we aim to empower individuals with financial inclusion, access to decentralized finance, and economic opportunities.


At the Crossroads of Integrity and Innovation

Short-Term Goals

Byte XC aims to rapidly expand its ecosystem by launching essential platforms and services. This includes the introduction of Byteswap and XBridge, which will enhance liquidity and interoperability across multiple blockchains. Additionally, Byte Exchange's feature set will be enriched with crypto-to-Visa/Mastercard services and new Earn products, catering to a broader user base. A comprehensive marketing campaign will also be initiated to increase brand awareness and drive user adoption.

Mid-Term Goals

Byte XC plans to solidify its presence in various regions by launching regional exchanges in countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan. The remittance services will be expanded to additional countries, accompanied by obtaining necessary licenses to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Partnerships with industry leaders, regulatory bodies, and technology providers will be paramount to fostering ecosystem growth and innovation.

Long-Term Goals

Looking ahead, Byte XC aims to achieve global recognition and adoption as a leading provider of financial inclusion solutions. The ecosystem will expand its scope to offer comprehensive banking solutions, lending, insurance, and wealth management services. Byte XC will strive to cultivate a vibrant community committed to advancing financial inclusion and innovation. By empowering individuals and communities with access to financial resources, education, and opportunities, Byte XC seeks to drive societal change and promote economic empowerment worldwide.

Join us in our journey towards positive change.

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